Sunday, January 29, 2012

E-3: Casino Etiquette

This is a list of 10 useful tips to save you embarrassment and help you feel more confident sitting down at a new game.
  1. Know the Basics of the Game - Ensure you aren't slowing things down.
  2. Buying Chips - Only buy chips in between hands. Ensure you put your money on the felt.
    Don't touch the dealer
  3. Chip Denominations - If buying in for $100, ask for $5 chips
    and $10 worth of singles.
    If buying in for more, ask for $25's and
  4. Colouring Up - Slide the chips across to the dealer in
    neat stacks and let them change them.
    Do this between hands.
  5. Touching Your Bet - Never touch your bet once the first card
    has been dealt.
    If your playing a game where the cards are
    dealt face up. Never touch them.
  6. Smoking - Exhale away from the other players and the
    Extinguish your cigarette completely.
  7. Dealer Advise - Do not ask the dealer for advise. They often don't know the best strategy.
  8. Table attitude - Don't get angry at the way another gambler
    plays their hand.
  9. Being Carded - Don't get annoyed if asked you for ID.
  10. Tips - Tip the dealer regardless if your winning
    or losing.
    Tip your cocktail waitress. $1 for each
    drink is standard.

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