Sunday, July 15, 2012

E-25: Comp Psychology

Casinos design their player programs to make their patrons feel important. Player programs are usually set up in a teir system and the higher you are in the club, the more comps and benefits you are entitled to.

Everybody likes to feel important and the tiering system is a great way to encourage players to gamble more.

In the industry this is known as comp envy. You see what a $25 bettor gets in comps and he sees what a $100 bettor recieves and up the ladder it goes. Always tempting you to gamble more.

You are always paying for comps at the tables and most times it would be cheaper to gamble less and just pay for your dinner or show tickets etc from your own pocket.

Comps are a great addition to your gambling, but shouldnt be your reason for doing so. Always play the games at the level you feel comfortable with.

The player with the highest comps is typically the player with the biggest losses

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