Sunday, August 19, 2012

E-27: Tips for Gaining Comps

Casinos want return business. If you plan on wagering a certain amount of money in a day, you are much better off playing through your bank roll in one property. This will indicate to a property that you enjoyed your experience there and are more likely to recieve comps.

Tip 1: Always use your players card

Tip 2: When playing table games, place your tip on top of your wager. It will then be counted as part of your bet. (some properties do not allow this)

Tip 3: Increase your bet size when the pitboss is at your table

Tip 4: Put up a show bet when thee dealer is shuffling and take it down once the game resumes.

Tip 5: Try and sit out on some hands when the pit boss isnt paying attention,  therefor lowering your amount of bets per hour.

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