Sunday, March 4, 2012

E-8: Video Poker Pay Tables

To ensure you maximise your chances at a video poker machine, you must understand the pay table.

Pay table:

  • The term 9/6 refers to the respective payouts for a full house and flush.
  • You win 9 times your bet for the full house and 6 times for the flush.
  • The higher these two number the lower the house edge.

Royal Flush:

  • Almost every machine offers a royal flush bonus when playing the 5 coin max bet.
  • This adds between 1-2% to the total payout of the machine.

Available Pay Tables:

  • Always read the pay table carefully
  • Look for 9/6 or better. 10/6 is out there and if you look off strip you can find 10/7.
  • Always play max bet.

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