Wednesday, April 4, 2012

E-12: Setting Your Gambling Limit

Setting your gambling limit & money management is just as important as knowing how to play the games.

6 Steps to Setting your Bankroll

  1. Decide how much you are willing to lose before you leave for Vegas
  2. Divide that money by the amount of days you are in Vegas.
  3. Keep your bankroll separate from the rest of your vacation money.
  4. Take only your days allowance with you each morning, once lost, you are done gambling for the day, so space your games and play smart.
  5. Never use any of your vacation money for gambling
  6. Leave credit cards, ATM cards etc in the hotel room if you know you'll be easily tempted.

Take the time to plan your gambling bankroll otherwise you may find yourself playing with scared money, funds that should be reserved for the mortgage and bills.  This is a dangerous place to be and you may get desperate and start chasing your losses.

If you don't set your bankroll limit in advance you might not realize you've exceed it until it's too late.

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