Sunday, April 15, 2012

E-14: Slot Myths

5 common slot machine myths that have no truth

Myth 1: A casino can flip a switch somewhere and tighten a bank of slot machines up. Or when an attendant comes over to fix a problem, they can quickly tighten it up while the machine is open. 

Truth: The payback percentage is pre-determined. To alter the payout a technician needs to change the EPROM chip. To do this, the technician must be accompanied by a 3rd party regulator and is supervised very closely.

Myth 2: They always put the machines that pay off the most, right in the front

Truth: Machine paybacks are dictated by the denomination you are playing. The higher the denomination the higher the payback, not traffic flow.

Myth 3: If a machine has paid off a jackpot it is less likely to do so for a while.

Truth: Because of the Random Number Generator, a slot machine is completely random. Past events and payouts have absolutely no effect on the future.

Myth 4: Bonus rounds are all pre-determined and the amount I can win has already been decided before I enter into it.

Truth: The RNG is again used to ensure the bonus rounds are random. The machine is never programmed to only let you pick one or 2 amounts before you end the round, or win a predetermined amount. Your picks do matter.

Myth 5: Using my player’s card effects how much I may win or lose depending on how much of a good customer I am.

Truth: Always use your player’s card. It doesn’t change the payout of the machine at all. In fact using you player’s card actually increases your chances, as you will be comped higher.

Ignore the myths out there. There is no mathematical basis for any of them. If you choose to play slots, just play the games you like at the denomination you feel comfortable with.

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