Sunday, June 3, 2012

E-19: Emotional Bankroll

Determine your emotional bankroll. It is just as important to think about your comfort level than it is to plan your actual gambling

First figure out what sort of gambler you are. Most people fall into 1 of 3 categories.

The Conservative Player
The Serious player
Or The Extreme Player

The Conservative Player is usually more concerned with the price of entertainment than the game itself. They will have a small bankroll and will control it carefully each day. These players will usually stick to slots or $5 table games. They are often just gambling because that’s what they feel they should be doing in Vegas.

The Serious Player is aware of the odds of the games he is playing and knows the best and worst bets in the house. They will usually have a larger bankroll than the conservative player and be placing larger bets.

The Extreme Player is often only concerned about the actual gamble, rather than the result. They are chasing the action and enjoy the thrills of large wins and large losses.

You should play at a level that gives you a thrill, but you don’t want to be stressed out on every bet.

It’s always best to start gambling at the level you feel comfortable with and then if in time you find it no longer is enjoyable, move up a level.
If moving up a level is too stressful, do not hesitate to move back down.

Everyone has different comfort levels and you should never be embarrassed by how much you gamble

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