Sunday, June 17, 2012

E-21: Video Poker Myths

Myth 1: A video poker machine is due to hit its royal flush if it hasn’t for a while.

Fact: Again like slots, this is not the case. Video poker machines also use a random number generator to create the poker hands. Past hands do not affect the future.
Think of it like the hand is dealt, the cards are collecting, shuffled and re dealt again. It is completely random.

Myth 2: You should always play max coin when playing video poker machines.

Fact: This is actually true, but maybe not in the sense you are thinking. Playing max coin doesn’t actually increase your odds of being dealt a better hand, but makes you applicable for the royal flush bonus, which is proportionately higher than the other payouts.

Myth 3: Playing the different variations of video poker, such as Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus and Deuces Wild is better than the standard Jacks or Better.

Fact: It is true that these games are better for the player, but only if those games are using the full pay table. So ensure you check the pay table first

Myth 4: Machines are programmed to display close hits, such as 4 to a royal flush.

Fact: This is just a matter of player perception. Because of the random number generator the cards are completely random. It’s just that you are much more likely to remember a hand that you only just missed on rather than the hundreds of hands you had nothing.

Myth 5: Machines are looser on weekdays and are tightened up by the casino on weekends and holidays.

Fact: This one is untrue. Casinos simply do not have the man power to change the pay tables of machines every week. It’s just not cost effective. Plus it must be witnessed by an outside regulator when they do change them.

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