Sunday, September 30, 2012

E-32: Gambling Superstitions

Gamblers are probably the most superstitious people in the world and will do anything to improve their chance of winning.

If a player has won, he looks at what transpired during the winning session. This is where a player may decide that something was responsible for their good fortune. Likewise if a player loses, he will look to see what may have caused it.

Many gamblers form what is referred to as "Selective Gambling Amnesia." We only remember those events that correspond to our own personal beliefs. This is a very common form of delusion, where people only remember what reinforces what they wish to be true.

Common gambling superstitions:
  1. Many gamblers feel that is unlucky to enter a casino through the main entrance.
  2. Many gamblers believe that $50 bills are unlucky and they will not accept being paid with them. The origin of this is debated, but one reason is that people could confuse a $5 bill for a $50.
  3. Counting your money while playing is said to tempt fate and you should always wait till you have finished.
  4. Never whistle while gambling. This comes from the fact that whistling in a graveyard is considered poor taste and has carried over to gambling. In a sense you are trying to remain cheerful in a difficult situation.
  5. Never wear red while gambling is a common Asian superstition.
Superstitions are generally harmless and are developed by the average player to enhance the experience, but if you do hold these to be the reason for your gambling luck, then you should seek help.

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