Saturday, December 1, 2012

E-38: Slot Machine Étiquette

Slot playing is generally a solitary activity and in most cases doesn't require interacting with other players. Even so, there are some tips that will make the casino experience more enjoyable for you and other players.
  • Coin Cups on Hanles or Seats: This usually means the machine is being held by another player. With regards to ticket in/out machines, players will leave a personal item on the chair or screen. Always find another machine and if you are the one holding it, do your best to return as soon as possible.
  • Playing Multiple Machines: During busy periods, this should be avoided and if another player wishes to sit down on one of your machines, you should let them.
  • Players Card Left in Machine: If you do find this, it is customary to place the card on top of the machine. This makes it easy to find. Never detroy or throw a card in the trash.
  • Smoking: Be sure that you ash tray is positioned so that the smoke isnt blowing toward another player and always ensure that your cigarette is extinguished properly.
  • Tipping: If you hit a jackpot on a machine that reqiires a hand pay, then you should tip. Half to one percent is considered the average. 

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