Saturday, December 15, 2012

E-40: Table Game Myths Part 2

To follow on from the last blog post. You should never listen to casino myths and base your decisions solely on basic math. Most games can be quickly deciphered with some logical thinking.

Myth 6: Counting cards and dice control are illegal.

This is not true. If this was the case, a player would not be given the dice to throw and all blackjack games would be dealt from a shuffle machine. No player is expected that they purposely try and lose. If they believe they can control the outcome of the dice, they should be allowed to do so.
Casinos fall under an out dated law called "The Inn Keeper Law" This states that a man's inn/casino is his domain and he can serve or not serve whoever he pleases.
It is not illegal, it is just discouraged by casinos.

Myth 7: The pit boss always ignores me

This is usually not the case. A bit boss has a lot to do,watching the dealers. checking comp ratings and watching all the players in their pit. If you really are being ignored, it is likely you are drunk and being obnoxious. The best way to get a pit boss's attention is to ask your dealer.

Myth 8: Dealers make a high wage

This is dependant on what casino they work for and the tip sharing policy the casino adopts. Most dealers are only on minimal wage and rely on their tips to boost their pay. The majority of casinos require that all tips be shared.

Myth 9: If a craps table is running hot, get in on the action.

This is ridiculous. Past events do not affect the future. Someone who has rolled well is just having a streak of lung and has no guarantee of continuing.

Myth 10: Professional blackjack dealers make millions of dollars.

This is only possible if you start with millions of dollars to bankroll it. To make a normal living, most professionals work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and still only grind out a small profit.

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