Saturday, January 12, 2013

E-43: Finding Loose Slots

When playing slot machines everyone wants to find the loosest machine. By dispelling some common myths and by following some of these tips, we hope to help you get the most from your gambling dollar.

Myth 1: Loose machines are surrounded by tight machines.
This is a common myth and comes from the fact that many slot players like to play more than 1 machine at a time. The thinking is that the slot manager will surround the loose machines with tight ones in order to lull players into playing them.

Myth 2: Loose machines are placed near the casino entrance.
This is an obvious myth and forms from the idea that players walking passed will see people winning and that will entice them in. This myth doesn't really have much validity as there are usually multiple entrances and they cant really be seen from the street.

Myth 3: Machines near the end of the slot banks are loose.
This comes from the idea that people seeing players winning will be more likely to go down the row and play a machine.

Myth 4: Machines near the table games are tight.
There are 2 reasons for the myth, firstly, the noise and activity will distract the table game players who are generally placing larger bets. An d secondly, the table game players will dump their remaining coins in the machine when they get up and head to the cage.

Myth 5: Slot machines near thee showroom and buffet lines are tight.
This is due to the fact that the people in those lines are stuck and are forced to watch the slot players. They will hopefully be tempted to play and by keeping the machines tight they are forced to play them because they can't stray too far from the queue.

Myth 6: Slots near the casino cage are loose.
The reasoning behind this is that the casino wants to see players winning while you are waiting in line. It creates more of a buzz and you may leave the line to try your luck.

Myth 7: Round carousels are looser than the rows.

This has formed because the carousels are visible from many more angles than the rows and again, the more visible a machine the more it should pay out.

Most of these myths you have probably heard and if you think a step further, so have the slot managers. If they know all these myths too, they are likely to switch them all on their head to increase profits.
That being said, most casino managers simply don't have the time and ability to move machines around regularly. The majority of machines are set at a payback of between 80%-95%

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