Monday, January 21, 2013

E-44: Finding A Casino For Your Skill & Bankroll

If you are new to casino gambling, or even just want to try out a new table game, it is imperative that you find the right casino to try it at.

Although the allure of a big name casino might be tempting, it really may not suit your skill level. Casinos like Caesars Palace, Aria and Wynn are all aimed at the most experienced player, or at least a player with a higher bankroll. Most of their table games will be at least a $15 minimum or higher and if you wanted to try your luck at a new table game it really wouldn't be a smart idea.

Not only are the minimums higher, but the dealers are less likely to help you with any teething problems you may have. At the higher end properties, the dealers are encouraged to cater to the bigger gambler and will not have time to step you through your bets.

The slots and video poker will also be a higher denomination. The difference from a penny slot to a quarter is substantial and can put some serious pressure on your new bankroll. Be sure to play within your means, especially when you are still learning.

Some great options for a quality experience on the strip without breaking the bank are the lower tier Caesars properties, such as Paris, Planet Hollywood, Ballys and Flamingo. These hotels offer good service, with friendly dealers who generally have the time to help you if you are new to a game.

Some casinos even offer free training on games like, poker, blackjack and craps. Table games can be daunting and a one on one training session can really help you learn thee basics in an actual casino environment.

Another great option is the Las Vegas local casinos. These always have smaller table limits and the dealers are used to chatting with players and are more likely to help you out.

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