Sunday, March 3, 2013

E-45: Poker Hand Nicknames

This information can be helpful if you are watching it on TV or even if playing in your casino or home game. Learning the slang you hear in a casino will make you seem less of a novice when approaching a new game.

You would be surprised how much basic information you can pick up off a weak player just by knowing some of the more common nicknames. Even if this knowledge doesn't help you get a read on another player, it should at least boost your confidence at thee tables when you know the lingo.

Some of the common names are:
A-A American Airlines, Pocket Rockets, Bullets
K-K Cowboys
Q-Q Ladies, Dames, The Hilton Sisters
J-J Jokers, Hooks
8-8 Snowmen, Octopuses
7-7 Walking sticks
4-4 Sailboats
2-2 Ducks
A-K Anna Kournikkova, Big Slick
A-J Ajax
K-Q Marriage
K-J Kojak
K-9 Canine
Q-7 Computer Hand
Q-3 San Fran Bus Boy
J-9 TJ Cloutier
J-5 Jackson Five
10-5 Five and Dime
10-2 Doyle Brunson
5-5 Speed Limit
5-4 Jesse James

These all may be nicknames of hands, but very few are actually used regularly. To be honest you would seem like a huge fish if you started spouting these out after every hand. Never over do your your usage of these and if you spot someone using them, that's who you should target with your play.

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