Sunday, April 28, 2013

E-46: Casino Misconceptions

The following, are commonly held beliefs by even the most seasoned gambler. They are not myths as such, but common misconceptions that most people seem to believe as it certainly seems feasible when you look at gambling from the players perspective.

1: In blackjack, the last players actions affects whether you win or lose.

This has to be the most misunderstood components of blackjack.
You need to look at this from a purely mathematical stand point, which is hard to do when money is involved.
Blackjack is played 1 on 1; its you versus the dealer. The key is to play your hand in accordance with the best possible strategy. What the last player does makes no difference to your hand. Blackjack is generally played nowadays from a 4 deck shoe, so it is a mood point to say a players actions affected the card that is being dealt. Any 1 of 208 cards could come out of the shoe.

What players also fail to notice in this example is all the mistakes that someone does that actually improve your hand. For example, maybe if he hadn't pulled an extra card on that last hand, then your first card on the next deal wouldn't have been an ace.

2: Roulette wheels are setup to favour the house

No casino owner in their right mind would dare cheat their players these days. Wheels are regularly inspecting by the Nevada Gaming Commission and casinos don't gain anything if they are caught. They would lose all their patrons in a heartbeat if they were thought to be cheating.
On top of this, they already have an unbeatable edge on all game, cheating is just not needed.

3: Hot and cold dealers and dice throwers.

There is no such thing as good or bad luck. Its another case of player perception, where you only remember the streaks someone has and fail to notice all the hands or rolls that had a normal outcome.

4: Opening and closing squares in blackjack affects your outcome.

Again this is the same as the last players actions that affects the dealers hand. It doesn't matter how many squares are being played or even if you open or close them. There is no such thing as the flow of the cards. It is a purely random occurrence that will not change by how many cards are pulled.

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