Sunday, March 25, 2012

E-11: How Slots Work

Slot machines generate 65-70% of an average casino’s income.

In Las Vegas slot machines average a payback to players of roughly 95%.

Random Number Generator:

Slot machines are programmed with numbers that are assigned to each symbol on the reels.

The Random Number Generator is making about 1000 mathematical calculations a second. When you press the spin button, you stop the RNG and it spits out a number that will either correspond to a winning combination or a losing one.

Effect of the RNG:

This makes a slot machine completely random.

A machine is never due to hit as the RNG has no memory and each calculation is completely independent of the last.

This means that a machine could hit a jackpot, consecutive times in a row or not hit for weeks, months or even years.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

E-10: Comparing the Tables

Compare the games for an hour of cheap fun and free booze.

Roulette can be competitive with Blackjack, because a player will always be placing fewer bets.


*Single zero wheel has a house edge of 2.7%
*30 spins per hour


*House edge of 2% (not playing basic strategy)
*50 hands per hour.


*An average blackjack player at a full table, bets $5 per hand and plays 50 hands per hour. That's an hourly turnover of $250 and loses 2% or $5

*Compare that to roulette with 30 spins at $5 each at an hourly turnover of $150. With the house edge at 2.7% the total loss per hour would actually be $4.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

E-9: Tipping your Dealer

If the dealer is being friendly and dealing the game efficiently then you should definitely tip, regardless if you’re winning or losing

The average starting base wage for a dealer is only $5.50 ($11,500 per year)

 Tip Sharing:

*Most casinos require their dealers to share their tips. At the end of each shift a dealer tip take is counted. If their tips aren’t up to standard, other dealers and the pit boss will pressure them to put in more effort as it affects their salary.  

*Stops slum tables forming .The dealer at a $5 table will earn the same as the guy at the $100 table.

 How to Tip:

Ask the dealer how they prefer to be tipped

*Pass chips across the table.
*Place a bet for the dealer

Benefits to tipping:

*Creates a good table atmosphere
*The dealer will ensure you are comped/rated correctly.
*The dealer will keep an eye out for the cocktail waitress

How much to tip:

10-15% of your buy in, is a fair amount
(This is personal preference)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

E-8: Video Poker Pay Tables

To ensure you maximise your chances at a video poker machine, you must understand the pay table.

Pay table:

  • The term 9/6 refers to the respective payouts for a full house and flush.
  • You win 9 times your bet for the full house and 6 times for the flush.
  • The higher these two number the lower the house edge.

Royal Flush:

  • Almost every machine offers a royal flush bonus when playing the 5 coin max bet.
  • This adds between 1-2% to the total payout of the machine.

Available Pay Tables:

  • Always read the pay table carefully
  • Look for 9/6 or better. 10/6 is out there and if you look off strip you can find 10/7.
  • Always play max bet.