Sunday, July 15, 2012

E-25: Comp Psychology

Casinos design their player programs to make their patrons feel important. Player programs are usually set up in a teir system and the higher you are in the club, the more comps and benefits you are entitled to.

Everybody likes to feel important and the tiering system is a great way to encourage players to gamble more.

In the industry this is known as comp envy. You see what a $25 bettor gets in comps and he sees what a $100 bettor recieves and up the ladder it goes. Always tempting you to gamble more.

You are always paying for comps at the tables and most times it would be cheaper to gamble less and just pay for your dinner or show tickets etc from your own pocket.

Comps are a great addition to your gambling, but shouldnt be your reason for doing so. Always play the games at the level you feel comfortable with.

The player with the highest comps is typically the player with the biggest losses

Sunday, July 8, 2012

E-24: Comp Basics

Definition: The word comp means complimentary and is the term used for the rewards that casinos give to players for gambling in their property.

Comps are a reward for your average daily theoretical loss (A.D.T)
Comps are one of the most misunderstood aspects of Las Vegas. Most players believe that comps are only for high rollers, who spend thousands of dollars each day. But this is not true.
There are different levels of comp, depending on how much play you give the casino. Most players can usually get something for their play if they have played in the same casino for a decent amount of time.
Players Programs & Slot Clubs: To be eligible for comps, the first thing you need to do is sign up to the casino players club. This is always free to join and you often will be rewarded with free slot play or meal vouchers just for signing up.
Ensure you use your player's card whenever you play slots or video poker. When playing table games, hand your card to the dealer
Getting Comps: The easiest way to obtain comps is to just ask. If playing slots, ask a slot an attendant to call a casino host and if playing table games, the pit boss will call one for you.
When the casino host comes over simply ask them politely if your play qualifies for food, show tickets or a reduced room rate.


A low level player will never be approached by a host, but you may be surprised what you can get just by asking.

Before you checkout, always call the front desk or ask to be connected to a host and ask whether you are eligible for a reduced room rate. Several properties will now do this for you when you are at the checkout desk, but it is still best to call ahead.
So, be bold and ask for a comp, but be polite about it. Las Vegas has enough douche bags. Remember to tip the host if they help you out. Its a relationship that is worth building on, as they will help you in the future.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

E-23: Intermittent Reward

Understanding what encourages you to gamble is one of the most important aspects of gambling knowledge. If you know how your mind works and the tricks casino use to take your money, you are much less likely to fall victim to the traps.

The human mind generally works by positive reinforcement. When we do something and achieve a positive result, we feel good and want the feeling again. But, this is not the most effective way to condition the mind to gambling.

If I was to pay you a $1 for every time you jumped on the spot, you would keep doing it for quite a long time. But if I was to suddenly stop paying you that $1, you would quickly stop jumping as you would realise there is no reward for you to continue.

Intermittent reward is the concept of rewarding someone’s actions randomly.
Now I ask you to jump and pay you the dollars randomly, maybe 3 in a row and then a break and then another 2 and so on. You would jump for hours, as you never know when the money is coming and would want to achieve as much as you can.

Many forms of casino games are designed this way, in particular slot machines.
You don’t win on every spin on a slot, it is always random. This makes them highly addictive as you are always hoping for another win. If you were to win 5 spins in a row and then lose 5 spins in a row, you would quickly lose interest.

But when you are winning randomly it can be very hard to stand up from the machine, as you think another payout is coming. You are constantly thinking about the win you got earlier and because it’s random, think it may be on the next spin.

Be aware of how you are conditioned by a casino and understand that being rewarded for an action does not mean that you will be again.