Saturday, February 14, 2015

E-54: Know the Odds

A pair or better in Caribbean stud:
1 in 2 or 20 per hour

Two pair or better in JOB video poker
1 in 4 or 100 per hour

Natural or two card 20 in blackjack
1 in 11 or 5 per hour

Natural 21 in blackjack
1 in 21 or 3 per hour

Any pocket pair in holdem
1 in 17 or 2 per hour

Pocket aces in holdem
1 in 221 or 1 every 6 hours

Nine consecutive losses in blackjack
1 in 329 or 1 every 5.5 hours

Nine consecutive wins in a row in blackjack
1 in 814 or 1 every 14 hours

Royal flush in JOB video poker
1 in 40,388 or 1 every 100 hours

Megabucks jackpot
1 in 50 million or 1 every 3000 solid days of play

E-52: Bad Bets

Don't Take Insurance in Blackjack - Only hits 31% of the time

Not Doubling Down when it's offered
Greater than 50% chance of winning when you take it

Not playing optimal strategy in Blackjack
It's Math.  You will lose more money over time if you don't

Not playing optimal strategy before the flop in Poker
Not raising when you've got a strong hand allows more players with weak hands to stay in and potentially catch what they need in the river to beat your stronger hand