Sunday, June 24, 2012

E-22: Group Gambling

This may not be favoured by everyone but this tip is: 

Splitting your Bankroll with a Gambling Partner and Playing Together.

If you are going to Vegas with a close friend we recommend gambling and sharing your equal bankroll. Always buy in for the same amount and share the wins or lose evenly, regardless of what is lost or one by whom.

If you play the games mathematically and don’t rely on luck and superstition, then you will never have  a disagreement on what one of you did during a game.

Poker: Even in a game like poker, which does not necessarily have a set way to play, you still wont disagree with each other because you can always see the other persons reasoning for doing something.

Roulette/Money Wheel: Which are completely random, it makes no difference what one of you bet on. There is no skill involved and it’s just the size of the bet you need to agree on.

Blackjack/Video Poker: Which have a proper strategy to follow, you know the other person will make the right decision and trust each other, because you have learnt the correct method.

The 2 reasons to do this, is to have a decent bankroll to play against the house with. Secondly and more importantly, it means you both experience Vegas in the same way. It will really enhance your gambling experience.

It is no fun to lose your cash and then watch your friend win while you just standing there pissed off. You are angry you lost and then your friend feels guilty that he won and you didn’t.

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