Sunday, January 6, 2013

E-42: Bad Slot Characters

Slot machine etiquette is a very important factor to consider to ensure you and other players have a pleasant experience. Below is a list and brief description of the different slot characters you may come across.

There are quite a few bad habits that people seem to develop. These have formed because of superstition or a need to control the outcome of a slot machine. Some slot players seem to be oblivious to the people around them and will do just about anything, if they think it helps them hit that big pay out.

Button Slappers: This is the players that smashes the spin button with so much force that it vibrates the machine and the sound can be heard rows away.
These people are extremely annoying to sit next to and you should avoid becoming one off these players.

Machine Basher: These people hit the machine with a clenched fist and if a spin doesn't go their way they may give the machine a boot.
Casinos may have a lot of money, but this could be better spent on new additions as opposed to repairing damaged machines.

The Lounger: This is the player who can be found with his legs propped up on the slot bank or better still his legs on an adjacent chair.
This is not your living room, so have some respect for the fact that other players may want to sit down.

The Talker: This can be the most annoying player that you encounter. This person doesn't mean to frustrate you but they will often bore you with their losing stories.
Try to be polite with this character as they mean you no harm and are simply trying to be friendly.

The Newbie: This player will sit down right next to you, even though there are many seats available. These players are more common around video poker machines.
The best way to get rid of these people is to tell them to throw away that pair of queens and chase the flush.

Group Players: These are usually young guys or girls on a "Bucks Stew" who cheer on the player after every hand. They will frequently bump your chair and scream as the player hits 2 pair.
The best tactic here is to simply cash out and move to a quieter part of the casino.
The key with all these people is to remain polite and find a quieter machine if it really bothers you. Remember that everyone is trying to have a good time and these people aren't usually trying to annoy you deliberately.

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